What is a Real Estate Attorney?

Do i need an Experienced Real Estate Attorney?

A Real Estate Attorney, is specially trained to deal with problems that arise during property transactions. So yes, you should always use an Experienced Real Estate Attorney when purchasing and selling property. In fact, some states even certify attorneys’ as real property specialists. That being said, every state from New York, Chicago, Seattle, Florida, to Detroit, have differing requirements, in which an experienced real estate attorney is always beneficial. So, whether you are buying real estate, or selling real estate, either commercial or residential, you should always hire an experienced real estate attorney.

An experienced real estate attorney, will use there expertise and knowledge to effortlessly walk you through the closing. Most importantly, an experienced real estate attorney will make sure your real estate transaction peacefully comes together on both sides; which will speed up the closing and avoid any hair pulling details. Often, we are asked: “can i save the money and just read the contracts myself?” You are always free to do whatever you please, however an experienced real estate attorney brings more to the table than a set of eyes. They bring experience, resources, and knowledge of the ever changing laws that could slow down real estate transactions.

When it’s time to sign, your experienced real estate attorney will review the contract, negotiate necessary repairs as well as upgrades, and work out details with the title company. The best part, if you are a real estate mogul or simply purchasing a home you need to focus on real estate and properly delegate the fine details to an experienced real estate attorney. All in all, it’s highly recommended you always hire an experienced real estate attorney for every real estate transaction large or small.

Written by Caesar Wolf, My City Guide Digital Media.

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